Elders Rural Service

Brian Rowling : Branch Manager for Tolga & Mareebaphoto (2)

                Phone: 0418 870 037

                Email: brian.rowling@elders.com.au


Brian’s overall responsibility is varied; from managing personnel, product & administration to being a livestock & property auctioneer, marketing cattle & rural property throughout Far North Queensland.


Bill Denmark: Support Officer Farm Supplies

          Phone: 0417 726 958Bill

         Email:  bill.denmark@elders.com.au


Assisting pastoral and rural clients for over 10 years, Bill has a wealth of experience in helping people on the land. Bill is also a qualified real estate agent, property and chattel auctioneer covering the rural areas from Tully north and west to Normanton & Karumba.



Mark Peters: Territory Livestock Sales ManagerPicture1

                Phone:  0419 791 223

                Email: mark.peters@elders.com.au


A familiar voice on the radio rural report and at the stockyard sales, Mark covers a huge area & is the person to deal with when it comes to buying and selling your livestock. 


Ian Schmid: Farm Supplies Sales Manager

                Phone:  0458 060 198

                Email: ian.schmid@elders.com.au


Ian oversees the merchandise section of the Tolga and Mareeba operation from fire protectants for your harvester, feed for your livestock, fertiliser for your crops, gates & portable yards – whatever you need on the land.


Craig Mence:  Farm Supplies Sales Representative

                Phone: 0408 616 228Craig

                Email: craig.mence@elders.com.au
Looking after all fertiliser and logistics for rural requirements, Craig’s forte is granular & soluble fertiliser for all rural needs.


Greg Forsyth: Farm Supplies Sales Representative/Agronomist

                Phone: 0417 641 488

                Email: greg.forsyth@elders.com.auGreg


Greg is the farm supplies sales rep/agronomist for the southern Tablelands. Greg assists farmers growing potatoes, corn, peanuts and bananas, services the dairy farmers & specialises in rye grass seed.


Steven Cozens:  Farm Supplies Sales Representative/Agronomist

                Phone: 0418 879 095
Email: steven.cozens@elders.com.auSteve


Steven is the Farm Supplies Sales Representative/agronomist for northern Tablelands; Lakeland, Mutchilba, Dimbulah, Mareeba and  specialising in tree crops, vegetables and other horticultural products.


Debbie Coleman: Sales Support Officer

                Phone:  07 4095 6603Debbie

                Email: debbie.coleman@elders.com.au


Debbie orders rural merchandise and animal health products, controls lick blocks, cartons & looks after counter sales & phone requires.


Joshua Fraser: Farm Supplies Sales Representative

                Phone: 0427 290 078Joshua

                Email: Joshua.fraser@elders.com.au


Josh  is a Farm Supplies Sales Representative and services farms in the Mossman, Dimbulah, Mutchilba and Mareeba areas.


Cameron McPherson:  Livestock Production Sales

                Phone: 0418 679 756

                Email: Cameron.Mcpherson@elders.com.au


Cameron’s speciality is livestock production sales and services for the northern & western area, north of Ingham, particularly the Mt Garnet & Normanton area. Cameron provides advice on animal health  and nutrition.  Cameron




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